The PHPforFB Framework is the best, easy and efficient way of programming Facebook® apps and page apps!

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PHPforFB version 2.0
comming 2014!

Version 2.0 has a lot of new features: Subscriptions and Statistic features, Social Plugin Support (Login / Register with Facebook®), Mobile App Support and much more.

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Facebook® is the world's largest and most import social network. In Facebook®, there are people gathered from all population groups, from all over the world, and they are online on a daily basis. Facebook® offers numerous functions which are helpful for its users. Moreover, it offers a programming interface, which every programmer can use to enhance Facebook® with new features in the form of so-called 'apps' (short for applications). As of late, even Facebook® pages can be extended with programs ('page apps') written by oneself.


PHP is the most widely used programming/scripting language in the online world, and mastered by many programmers. Facebook® is being used by many people. Hence, PHP and Facebook® are a perfect match.


The PHPforFB PHP framework allows for an easy and very efficient way of programming Facebook® apps and fan page extensions (page apps). The PHPforFB manual is exhaustive and helps programmers to get started swiftly developing their own Facebook® apps and page apps in PHP.


The benefits of PHPforFB

PHPforFB offers many advantages for both beginners and professionals:


  • Cost efficiency and time saving
    Thanks to PHPforFB, you don't have to deal with Facebook® server communication. No knowledge of GraphAPI details is required, and you can dive right into application development. With PHPforFB you can save a lot of development effort and money. You can realize more projects and tackle projects which without PHPforFB were not viable financially.

  • Focusing on the essentials
    By the use of PHPforFB, you can concentrate on the bare essentials of application development.
    The major part of the tiresome interface communication is being undertaken by PHPforFB. As a result, you will have to program only the effective application.

  • Security with OAuth 2.0
    PHPforFB was designed from the start with the OAuth 2.0 authentication method exclusively. As a result, PHPforFB offers full compliance with Facebook®'s security guidelines and prevents the loss and theft of data.

  • Increased performance
    PHPforFB contains an efficient caching mechanism, which helps to reduce the number of queries to Facebook® servers to a minimum. The caching will result in an amazing performance gain, because every real request to Facebook® servers takes approximately two seconds.
    Instead of repeatedly requesting data in each of an application's script files (and by this, keeping the user waiting needlessly), data once obtained can be reused as long as an user session exists.
    The PHPforFB caching mechanism is available spanning the entire session.

  • More user-friendliness
    PHPforFB allows to develop Facebook® applications with an attention to detail for improved user-friendliness. For instance, at any point inside an application, an (additional) permission can be requested from the user. After the permission was granted, the application is continued at exactly the same point.
    You are precisely in control of the program flow.

  • Special advantages for beginners
    Beginners can save the trouble of programming the Facebook® interfaces. With PHPforFB, the application programmer is shielded from the complicated (but necessary) programming of authentication as well as GraphAPI and FQL communication.

  • Special advantages for professionals
    Professionals can optionally use the GraphAPI and FQL interfaces directly, inside and assisted by PHPforFB, while they can save the routine of programming the interfaces for authentication (just like beginners).
    For professionals, time is usually money, and with PHPforFB they can reach their goals more quickly.

  • Facebook grows and extends its interfaces
    Facebook® is ever-growing in size and functionality, and not only constantly, but sometimes rapidly and with short-term announcements. There is often no, insufficient, inconvenient, or ambiguous documentation regarding the different interfaces and possibilities available in the internet. If you do not like to constantly research solutions for hours and hours, with PHPforFB you can use the most important features of Facebook® easily and conveniently, while you will always have access to the latest extensions and features.

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PHPforFB is free for use. You may create unlimited numbers of commercial or non-commercial applications with no per seat or per user payments!


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